SPG - Destratifiers

SPG - Destratifiers Destratifiers with permanent magnet motor

AFG 1250 Axial fans

AFG 1250 Axial fans Permanent magnet motor 400 V. Air capacity up to 32.000 m³/h.

Axial fans

Ideal when are required large capacities of air with low pressures, for instance:

Ventilation of commercial buildings, car parks, stock farm, rail industry, naval industry, or in the cooling of electric and refrigerating equipments. This fans can be constructed with frame shaped inlet in corrosion proof material, epoxy powder painted sheet metal, hot dip galvanised steel, aluminium or stainless steel.


Ideal to mix the air wherever there is the need to eliminate heat and humidity stratifi cation

With wastes consequence of energy and discomfort for the people. For instance in industrial and commercial buildings, sporting halls, warehouses, stores, stock-farms, etc.

Centrifugal fans

Ideal to convey of small, medium or large volumes of clean air

or smokes or dusty and with medium or high pressures. They are used for installations requiring suction or intake in canalisations, heads and for transport of solid material mixed with air. This fans can be constructed with epoxy powder painted sheet metal, aluminium or stainless steel.

Air filtration system and mufflers

Inertial filters

They are an excellent pre-fi ltration system for applications with high dust levels as steel mills, cement factories or desert areas. There are two different type of inertial fi lters: with sand proof grid and inertial separators made in COR-TEN steel or stainless steel.


They are normally used as pre-fi lters in air conditioning, ventilation system and painting spray booth. They are available in rolls, panels or cells with cardboard, metal frame or stainless steel. The materials available are: glass fibre, synthetic fi bres partially regenerable. They are available also as metallic wire in galvanized steel, stainless still or aluminium. Filtering class according to UNI EN 779.

Sound attenuators

They are normally used in air conditioning applications and for ventilation of the generators, to attenuate the noise generated by the fans or noise generated by the air flow.