Builders of destratifiersand axial fans


PMR was founded in 1988 by Eugenio Pontiggia. At the beginning the company mainly represented the brand Ercole Marelli in the area of Cremona and Mantova.

Marketing needs have forced an extension of the product range, introducing also air filtration systems, used by major petrochemical companies such as Eni, Petrobel etc.

Since 2002 the management of PMR is exercised by Paolo Pontiggia, son of Eugenio, who has specialised the company in ventilation systems for the livestock and industrial sectors becoming also a producer.

The principal aims of the company are its customers’ satisfaction and the respect for the environment; that’s why products with high energy efficiency are considered very important.

To satisfy the needs of any potential buyer PMR produces ad hoc products of the highest quality.

From the beginning the company has been careful about the origin of the products and choose to sell and buy only made in Italy products.

PMR is continously updated to the market requests so that can produce or annually improve its products.